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[PMP-187] Watch Cosplay Girls & Sex KANA

Watch Cosplay Girls & Sex KANA

PMP-187 コスプレみるきぃ コスプレ美少女と性交 KANA



Keep2Share: Part 1 | Part 2
Katfile: Part 1 | Part 2
DDL.to: Part 1 | Part 2

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  1. Not sure what’s wrong, but can’t unzip joined files. In addition Cloudzilla links are dead. Cloudzilla links are also dead for HNDS-026, and at least Mami cosplays ver.05 and ver.08

  2. Are you using 7zip to join and open files?

    And every link works fine for me.

  3. I set JDownLoader to automatically unzip, and when that didn’t work I tried 7zip. Maybe I have to redownload and try again. BTW the problem is only for this file, everything has worked fine with the other files.

    Cloudzilla gives the message “File doesn’t exist”. It’s weird because everything looks normal until you hit the final button and then it just claims the files aren’t there.

    • Most likely these files are just corrupted, because JDownloader extracts these 001 files automatically.
      Here’s md5sum of these files:
      9c8b0ae384c70c526a2f2928eeaa2bde PMP-187.7z.001
      e20f0bf830a13c8dd0be11c8487d6d07 PMP-187.7z.002

      And yes I am aware of that sometimes download doesn’t start correctly from CloudZilla, but files should be fine on their server.

  4. excuse me sir, i download with cloudzilla then use 7-zip to open
    but they say these files are corrupted

  5. part 1’s hash is 9c8b0ae384c70c526a2f2928eeaa2bde

    part 2’s hash is e20f0bf830a13c8dd0be11c8487d6d07

    i download part 1,2 each 2 times and aren’t work

    so i guess the file maybe corrupted

  6. always thank you so much

    have a good day

  7. Dead link

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